Plikli Modules & Widgets

Plikli CMS Modules and Widgets are like plugins in WordPress; they extend functionalities and features without altering the core files. Plikli CMS includes 28 Modules, out of which 6 are pre-installed, and 7 Widgets, with 4 pre-installed.
All installed Modules that have their own settings, will appear in the left side bar of the Dashboard for easy access.
Modules and Widgets are constantly updated and more are being created to enhance the functionality of the CMS!

Plikli CMS has 13 different language files: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Arabic, Chinese, Thai and Turkmen.
This Pre-installed module allows Admins to edit the Plikli language file(s) from a web browser window using Edit-in_Place, saving them time from having to open the file with a local text editor and then upload it to the server.

The Admin Snippet Module quickly and dynamically inserts blocks of code into the website pages; its a plugin on the fly. Admins can create as many snippets as they need to insert, for example, Google Adsense, labels, messages and notifications, to name a few, in specific pre-defined placements.

Each snippet has its own settings and can be activated and deactivated. NEW!

Akismet is an anti-spam service to filter out Spam, every time an article or a comment is submitted on the site. It needs an API key to activate your Akismet the module and can be obtained for free from Akismet.

Anonymous Mode Module is required to activate Anonymous Comment and/or Anonymous Story Modules

Anonymous Comments Module can be installed by Admins to allow visitors to submit a comment without registering an account.

Prerequisite: Anonymous Mode Module.

Anonymous Story Module can be installed by Admins to allow visitors to submit an article without registering an account.

Prerequisite: Anonymous Mode Module.

CAPTCHAs are a technology developed to prevent automated bots from submitting forms automatically on your website. They operate by challenging the user by having them either type in a set of words or characters, or provide an answer to some type of question. Plikli CAPTCHA module has the ability to require users to enter a CAPTCHA answer whenever a user tries to submit a story, submit a comment, or register a new account. You can configure when CAPTCHAs should be displayed from the CAPTCHA settings page.

This Plikli Module integrates CKEditor rich text editor with the description Textarea on the submit and edit story pages as well as the comment form on the story page.

I customized the module to dynamically provide the HTML elements that are allowed by Admins; all other elements will not be loaded!

In order to use CKEditor Module, Admins have to have HTML allowed in Dashboard -> Settings -> Submit. They can select, from the safe set of HTML elements provided, the HTML elements they want to allow in:

  • HTML tags to allow to Normal users
  • HTML tags to allow for Moderators
  • HTML tags to allow for Admins

The Karma module recalculates user karma scores when common actions are performed, such as when a user submits an article, leaves a comment, or performs a voting action. Karma scores are a good indicator of how active an account is on a Plikli website, and Plikli CMS makes use of karma scores when displaying the ‘Top Users’ page.
The Karma Module has all the settings Admins need to configure the values to their needs.

This module converts URLs in stories and comments to clickable links, images, embedded videos and audios. Admins have the option to enable it for comments or stories, and the ability to set the links as ‘rel=”nofollow”‘.

Depending on the options selected by Admins:
URLs with (.png;.jpg;.jpeg;.gif) file extension, will be converted to images.
URLs with (.mp3;.wav;.ogg) file extension, will be converted to audio player.
Facebook and YouTube videos URLs will be converted to embedded videos.
All other URLs will be converted to links.

The RSS Import Module import RSS feeds from your favorite websites into Plikli websites.
Admins create Feeds, by providing a URL to the RSS feed of a desired site, and set the parameters that are predefined for each feed.

The RSS Import Module can be run manually or from a CRON job; Complete instructions are provided to set a CRON job on the server to run the module at the time intervals specified!

The Scheduled Posts Module must be installed if ‘Allow Scheduled Articles’ in
Dashboard -> Settings -> Submit -> Allow Scheduled Articles is set to true.

It only runs once a day, to search for articles with a status ‘Scheduled’ with a scheduled date equal to the current date; if found, these articles will published!

The Send Announcement Module allows Admins to send an email announcement to all of their users.

Displays the most recent comments in the sidebar along with the author’s avatar. The number of comments to display can be set by Admins.

Displays the logged in user’s recently saved (bookmarked) stories in the sidebar for easy access. Note that the saved stories are only visible to the user who saved them!

Display statistics about Plikli websites in the sidebar. I.e. Newest Member, Total Members, Total Stories, Published Stories, New Stories, Story Votes, Comment Votes, Comments and groups.

This module displays the vote count and title of recent submissions in the sidebar. The number of recent stories to display can be set by Admins!

Displays the most popular tags in the sidebar area.
This module requires the following to work:
‘Dashboard -> Settings -> Tags -> Enable Tags’ to be set to true, and all the sub settings defined with values!

A very simple private messaging system that allows users to communicate with one another. This module adds an ‘Inbox’ area, where users can view received and sent messages. Users can compose new messages from their friend’s profile or from their own profile page.

This module requires the following settings:
‘Dashboard -> Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Allow friends’ to be kept as the default setting: true!

This module adds Social bookmarking and mailing icons and links to the article to allow users/visitors to share it!

The Spam Trigger Module is similar to Akismet Module, but works without API. It works by checking submitted comments and stories for words or phrases that are located in three separate spam dictionaries. These dictionaries are predefined and Admins can always download off the Internet new updated ones; they are classified as Light, Medium and Hard Triggers. If a match is found in one of these dictionaries the story or comment will either be held for moderation or automatically deleted. Admins will be alerted to stories and comments that need to be moderated when logged in to the Plikli Dashboard. Users will see an alert message box appear when one of their stories or comments has been held for moderation or deleted.

This module gives users an option to follow on articles, by subscribing to email notifications anytime a comment is posted on articles they follow. This feature can be turned ON/OFF by subscribing/unsubscribing.

This module displays, in ONE of thirteen (13) different predefined placements, the total views of each news article.
Admins can also configure it to display a set number of the most viewed stories in the sidebar, by setting ‘Sidebar ON and define the number of stories to display’. The most viewed articles are displayed, in the sidebar, by descending order.

This module allows users to upload images or files with their submissions or when editing their own submitted article. Admins can configure the following:

  • File Storage Directory
  • Max file size, in KB, for an attachment
  • Max number of attachments
  • Allowed File Types
  • Upload Method
    1. Allow only file
    2. Allow only URL
    3. Allow Both
  • Allow user to hide a Thumbnail or File
  • Generate Thumbnails (ON/OFF)
  • Thumbnail Storage Directory
  • Thumbnail Quality (1-100)
  • Which thumbnail size to display
    1. Original Image
    2. 200X200
  • Thumbnails should link to
  • Where to embed story thumbnails
  • …And more.

Allows other modules to add extra fields to the users registration/profile.

This Module sends newly registered users a welcome email including relevant information.

This module sends newly registered members an internal private message welcoming them to the site.

This module generates dynamic XML site-maps for each section on your site, to be used by Search Engines when indexing your site.

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Plikli Widgets

This Widget works alongside the Akismet Module. It notifies Admins of articles and Comments held for moderation or Spam.

The Dashboard Tools Widget contains useful links to perform common maintenance tasks: clear template cache, remove discarded stories and comments from the database and optimize the database.

Displays in the Dashboard the last 5 logged in users with information about the date, time and duration about the visit.

This Widget contains and displays a series of Plikli CMS resource links In the dashboard, to provide an easy access to report a bug or find support for Plikli CMS.

This Widget displays the latest news entries from the Blog, to keep Admins up-to-date with the latest development.

This Widget works alongside the Spam Trigger Module. It notifies Admins of articles and Comments held for moderation or Spam.

This Widget displays important vital statistics from your website to give Admins a detailed report on every feature and section. See attached picture.

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