Plikli CMS 4.1.0 Available for download

Plikli CMS 4.1.0 is now available for download.

We are grateful to netsparker who brought to our attention two SQL injection and three Cross-site Scripting vulnerabilities! All fixed now and extensive work on sanitizing and filtering input fields has been done.

Edric Teo contributed a very useful feature to strengthen passwords and check if they are common and unsafe.

kshitij Kumar contributed the new strong password hashing and verification, plus a more secure cookie.

All the bugs reported in the forum were fixed and enhancements were added too.

Check Plikli CMS 4.1.0 changelog for all the work that has been done!

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2 thoughts on “Plikli CMS 4.1.0 Available for download

  1. Nice work guys, I have been running pligg for 10 years I like to follow the developments. It’s been a rough few years hopefully the team stays together strong and continues on the path that makes them fulfilled!

    1. Thank you Brian and welcome to Plikli Community.

      I hope you went through the site and the different articles about Plikli. It is here to stay and it is getting better and better every day. A lot of development, fixes and enhancement have been made to make it more robust and secure and more is yet to come!

      I hope you follow up on all that. When you decide, I am willing to help you with all the transition to migrate to Plikli CMS!


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